Brightline Buying And Developing Land In Cocoa And Titusville

While still not committing to a stop in Brevard County despite the fact that test runs at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour are now underway here, Brightline has reportedly been busy buying land in Titusville and in Cocoa. In order to get around a law that says no one can operate a borrow pit within Cocoa city limits, Brightline is developing its own residential neighborhood in Cocoa in order to get the fill it needs for tracks being laid between Brevard and Orange counties. Basically, Brightline is creating a subdivision with a manmade lake to give them the fill they need. Last week, the Board of Brevard County Commissioners voted to give Brightline approval to build an access road from the new subdivision that will eventually have about 350 single family homes, out to Grissom Road. Brightline also purchased a $38 million property about three months ago near the airport in Titusville. Brightline has not commented on just what that land may be used for, but speculation leans toward plans to expand passenger service north to Jacksonville.