Couple Arrested After Being ” Chased By A Ghost “

A man and a woman were arrested in Volusia County after Daytona Beach Police say they tried to break into a home there. Officers got a call from the homeowner, and arrived to find 38-year-old Andrew George lying on his back, covered in blood and crying out in pain. With him was 36-year-old Natasha Kachuroi. Police then learned that the two had gotten a room at the Travel Inn in Daytona Beach, but they claimed to hear the bathroom window opening, and believed someone was trying to break into their room, so they got a refund. They then told officers they fled toward the house that they were eventually discovered in, because a shadow was following them. They say the shadow chased them around the parking lot of the Halifax Marina. Then they said George fell into the water. Natasha says she helped him get out and then they both ran to a nearby business. That’s where George grabbed a chair to smash out a window. Then they ended up at the house, where they banged on the door while a woman inside with a knife threatened to kill George if he broke in. They told police they believed a “ghost” was chasing them. Turns out drugs were involved. Both of them were taken into custody and they each face a long list of charges.