Brevard School Disciplinary Policy to Be Corrected

Brevard schools, working alongside the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, are promising a new disciplanary policy. It comes just days after the school board booted out the former superintendent. On Monday, School Board Chairman Matt Susin appeared in front of the Brevard County Jail, accompanied by Sheriff Wayne Ivey and State Attorney Phil Archer, to introduce what they are calling the most prolific school discipline policy the district has ever had. No specific details were revealed about just what the new policy would include, but there will be an emergency meeting next week when the policy will be drafted with input from Archer’s office, Sheriff Ivey, teachers, and school staff unions. Sheriff Ivey did say that the school discipline situation is so bad that the district is having trouble keeping teachers, and the new policy is necessary because the current student code of conduct prevents teachers and administrators from dealing with students… who realize that pretty much no matter what they do, they know that nothing is going to happen to them.